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Handcrafted Portrait Books

Have your family album made into a free standing flush-mounted photo book. This 8''x8'' book let's you pick your favorite 10-11 images and showcase them on a mantle or coffee table. Available in: Brown and Mint Green (As Pictured below.)

Artist Photographer

What makes Daly Photography stand out as a photographer in a sea of talent, is that I have the knowledge of thousands of processes in all art forms. I am proud to offer my clients one of a kind artistic albums and wall art print packages. Here's my concept. We all have photo albums that sit around and collect dust. We may bring them out and show off to our guests occasionally. How many of those guests secretly cringe at the site of sitting through another album? Let's be honest. Many of you can probably pin-point exact times when you have felt obligated to "Ewwww" and "Awwww" at a friends album. I want to change that concept into individual conversational pieces. My clients would receive a 16x20 box of matted 11x14 prints, ready to be framed and hung. Also available in 11x14 box of matted 8x10 prints. How many people would put a framed picture of your wedding dress or your cake up as wall art? I presume not many of you. When created into a work of art,