Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another Engagement Session

I am always browsing through stores for inexpensive props that will make a photo session even better. I found these British painted face masks and knew that they would be perfect for the couple I was photographing a few days later. They may not use these images for their save the date cards, but they will make a great 16x20 conversation piece for their wall.

Like the previous engagements, it took a bit for the groom-to-be to loosen up for photographs. This is surprisingly typical for many people I photograph. The first poses usually are the stiffest. But after a while, they start loosening up and working great with the camera. I knew this couple previously but it always get's weird them they are out on display in public, while taking pictures. After this session, I feel more confident working with them and their wedding knowing how great they worked with me and my posing and informal posing techniques.

After the session, I will handle getting the wedding contract signed and deposit paid, unless we have worked together before. In that case, I don't mind taking care of it beforehand. That gives the client the option to back out of my services. There is never any obligation. I have a style that may or may not be my clients. If you know me and follow my work on Facebook, you know my style pretty well and know what you can expect from me. Most photographers get offended when you don't select them and will reduce their prices to nothing to gain business. I would rather you share your perfect day with the perfect photographer than to wish you had done things differently for many years down the road.